Green to Clean Service

Did your pool turn green overnight?  Pool Ops will help get your pool back into shape - from green to clean in a hurry!           Call  today to schedule a free evaluation of your pool. See more details

Storm Clean Up

Our service takes care of testing chemicals to ensure proper sanitation, emptying all baskets, brushing walls, steps, and floor, skimming pool surface and removal of large debris from pool bottom, vacuuming small debris and dirt, checking equipment and cleaning filter for appropriate filtration a See more details

Balance and Sanitization (Chemical Only)

Just won’t have to spend your time checking and maintaining  water chemistry or running to the store to buy chemicals.  No more purchasing, transporting & storing dangerous chemicals. Pool Ops chemical only service provides the knowledge as well as c See more details

Vacation Service

A service technician cares of your pool while you are away. This option is more reliable than inconveniencing a friend or neighbor and risking coming home to a green pool or damaged equipment.   Our Vacation Service includes..   Remove Debris from Pool   Clean See more details

Debris Removal

Call Pool Ops Today!                       407-494-6771 See more details

Full Service

Using only the finest industrial-strength pool chemicals and materials, Pool Ops maintains your water clarity and sanitation while providing complete cleaning services for your pool. We remove all debris from your pool , brush where necessary and maintain your filtration system. We routinely See more details

Stain Removal

Swimming pool stains are unsightly, and difficult for the average pool owner to remove. We have the expertise and equipment necessary to remove stains. In addition to removing the stain, it’s important to assess the stain’s cause. A pool can become stained due to excessive levels of c See more details

Why clean your pool, when you could be swimming?

Are you a new pool owner and not sure if you are providing the proper care?

No longer have the time required?


Pool owners quickly realize that keeping a pool functional can require a great deal of work and money.  Most pool owners don't have the time to regularly check pool levels or know what to do when pool chemical levels are off. You can easily spend the whole summer fighting to keep your pool clear, clean and swim ready. It is never fun telling your kids they have to wait a week before they can swim because you had to do an algae treatment. If you would rather enjoy your swimming pool instead of worrying over it...


Pool Ops Inc. can help you recapture your weekends.


Our Service Promise

At Pool Ops Inc. we pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge of swimming pool maintenance and swimming pool repair. We treat every pool as if it were our own. We are dedicated to providing reliable, quality pool care and maintenance services to our customers. We guarantee you an outstanding job at a fair, affordable price.


Swimming pools are supposed to be fun.

Relax! Leave the work to us!



New Customers Only:

Mention this ad and receive your first 2 month’s of service for $79.00

Existing Customers :

Any current customer who refers a new customer, will receive $50 credit towards their service. The new customer must be current for 3 months of service before the credit is awarded.